Battery Eliminator / Capacitor

For PMA or HHB CDI Equipped Motorcycles

Anti Vibration Spring Mount

Quad Terminals for easy install

12V Systems ONLY



The Hugh’s HandBuilt Capacitor has been tested and put through the paces.  A nice upgrade for your PMA or HHB CDI System for those who prefer to run *batteryless.  Wire this into your bike just as you would any 12v battery, using the Anti-Vibration spring to mount it on your chassis, and simplify your motorcycle’s electrical system.

Capacitors work a charm for folks who prefer to run Kick-Only, without the hassle of maintaining a battery, dealing with battery acid, or keeping a charger on the battery all winter.  If you’ve been killing batteries on your custom build, due to vibration then a Capacitor is a viable solution to calm those woes – provided you are using a charging system that will work batteryless (PMA or CDI from Hugh’s HandBuilt will work just fine, other applications will need to be researched by the user)

We utilize a nice upgraded dual terminal system on our Capacitors, making wiring a much easier process than other designs.

These are designed to work on our PMA and HHB CDI Systems, with many many miles/hours/days of testing to ensure that they work a charm.

*Batteryless operation often requires the headlight be “off” when kickstarting, depending on your ignition and wiring setup.

*The Capacitor does not provide any voltage/wattage for the use of Electric Start.  If you want to use Electric Start you must use a battery with enough CCA to turn the starter instead.

* Batteryless operation may cause lights to flicker or become dim at Idle.  Its a nature of the beast.  With high draw headlights, higher idle may be required for more consistent operation at idle.

* Negative Terminal must be grounded, the body or mount of the Capacitor is not a suitable ground when installing.


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

Battery Eliminator / Capacitor