Complete Charging and Ignition System in ONE No Other Components need to Run and Charge (Complete Ignition and Charging System) For OEM Style 360 Engines Only (as of now) Can be run with or without Battery – your choice Includes Everything Needed to install, (minus Battery/Capacitor) 100% Bolt On System (Minor Soldering/Crimping req’d) NEW for 2017 Mosfet Regulator for improved performance!



XS650 CDI System for XS650! Fully HHB Tested and Approved, our NEW CDI System is what these bikes have been begging for all along!  100% Crank Driven Ignition, utilizing a pre-programmed advance curve in the CDI Box, and a pickup coil at the flywheel for far more accurate and consistent timing than a cam driven system.  No more worries about camchain tension/stretch affecting your timing, and you can remove rotational weight from the camshaft – all good things! Combined with its own internal 200W Charging System for a more compact design with less moving parts than other ignition systems.  And best of all, you CAN run totally battery-less if you so choose.  Just use a capacitor in place of the battery and you are good to go!  If you would like to run a battery (or have to, due to local laws) then wire it just the same using a battery.  Options are good, and you get the option of both with the this system.  The ignition gets its power from Source Coils on the stator, so even if the regulator was unplugged, the engine will still run. The NEW HHB XS650 CDI Ignition System Benefits Include:

  • 200W Charging.
  • Modern CDI Ignition Performance for your vintage XS650
  • Source Coils provide power for CDI Operation, leaving a full 200W Max power output for Lights and Accessories.
  • Ignition is self powered with no draw from Charging System
  • Magnetic Pick Up Coil allows for trouble free timing – set it and forget it
  • Adjustable Base Timing, via our adjustable timing tab.
  • Unified Package – Timing and Charging System combined for less moving parts (only the Flywheel moves, the rest of the components are fully stationary)
  • Battery-less operation is supported, our test bikes are a 1 kick machine even when cold.  You can still utilize a battery if you like of course.
  • No more need for added weight or moving parts attached to the camshaft.
  • Crank Driven for accurate ignition at all RPMS, no more worries about camchain stretch affecting timing, especially at higher RPMs
  • 100% Bolt On System – no modifications needed to your engine to fit the CDI. (Minor soldering/crimping needed, we provide a long harness for custom installs)
  • 100% Hugh’s HandBuilt Sourced – no more mixing and matching components from 2-3 different companies – our kit does it all, charging and ignition all in one!
  • Unmatched Hugh’s HandBuilt Tech Support and Install Articles, wiring diagrams, and more – coming as soon as we start shipping!

What comes in the kit?

  •  200W Stator/Source Coil
  •  Magnetic Pickup Coil
  • Permanent Magnet Flywheel with Adjustable Timing Tab
  • MOSFET Regulator/Rectifier – NEW for 2017!
  • Ignition Coil, wires and caps
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • CDI Ignition Box
  • Wiring Harness with Relay
  • Wiring Grommet for engine cases
  • All Mounts, Hardware, woodruff key, and plugs to fit the system to your XS650
  • Detailed Install Instructions (Don’t sweat it, you know our style, you can do this!)

*All Photos are SPY SHOTS – Hardware, fit and finish are subject to change – for the better of course… Thanks for all your support folks!  As always, ya’ll make this the best job in the world!Hugh Owings – Hugh’s HandBuilt

Thanks folks!

Hugh – Hugh’s HandBuilt


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

Complete XS650 CDI System