From the People that brought you the very first complete XS650 PMA System, now new and improved.

Permanent Magnet Alternator – A  true maintenance free system

200 Watts of Charging Power

Consistent Voltage, from Idle to Redline

2 Year Operational Warranty

Stator/Magneto + Flywheel  + Regulator/Rectifier + Plate = Awesome

Hugh’s HandBuilt Tested and Approved – We use our products on our daily ridden machines



Our XS650 PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator) conversion is the best on the market, bar none.  Accept no substitute, you deserve better.

The OEM system will fail you eventually, and repairing it with used components or $$$ new parts is still a gamble, so why not upgrade to a modern charging system?

Our system is a very easy bolt on conversion, requiring basic handtools and a soldering iron (hey, you are doing electrical already, might as well have one)

So what puts our PMA above the rest?

  • 200 watts of power****
  • Optional MOSFET Regulator Upgrade Available.
  • Consistent Voltage from idle to redline
  • Triple insulated copper stator windings for maximum reliability
  • No brushes or other moving parts to wear out or maintain, a truly maintenance free system
  • Solid State Regulator/Rectifier – with improved heatsink and charging capabilities
  • Heavy Duty Flywheel with fully encased magnets – providing consistent charging, even at low rpm
  • Simplified wiring…  5 wires total
  • All Hardware Included
  • Hugh’s HandBuilt Timing Sticker (Much needed when swapping to a PMA)
  • Ability to run *Batteryless (with proper ignition and capacitor of course) if you so choose
  • Unmatched Customer Support and Service – Don’t just take my word for it, a quick online search will suffice
  • With thousands of these units sold, you know you are getting only the best.
  • 2 Year Warranty against defects.
  • Fits **ALL XS650’s

What is included in the Complete kit?

  • NEW 200W 3 Phase Stator
  • NEW Heavy Duty Flywheel
  • NEW 3 Phase Solid State Regulator/Rectifier
  • NEW Mounting System and Hardware
  • NEW Timing Sticker
  • NEW Wiring Connectors and Sleeve
  • NEW ***PMA Flywheel Puller
  • Link to fully detailed instructions complete with photos
  • Hugh’s HandBuilt Tech Support – Free of Charge

*Batteryless Operation allows kickstart operation only.  Points and Pamco ignitions can be used, Boyer ignitions do not work well batteryless.  We recommend our HHB Brand Capacitorbe used in place of the battery.  Should you want to keep a battery, then you can use any cam driven ignition of your choice and no capacitor is required

**1980-1984 Models will require a cam driven ignition, such as Points, Pamco or Boyer to be installed.  1968-1979 Models retain existing Points Ignition, no further changes needed.  XS1 Models will require a modified mounting system due to crankcase design, notify us at time of order and we’ll do this free of charge. 

***PMA Flywheel Puller is for maintaining crank seal and if needed, removing the PMA Flwheel without damage – will not remove OEM Charging Rotor)

**** If you are planning to use far less wattage (LED Lights, Low Draw Accessories, etc..) then check out our MOSFET Regulator Upgrade!  Much Needed if you aren’t using stock style lights, ignition, guages, etc…  


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

Complete XS650 PMA System