Machined 6061 Alloy

Repairs/Covers Damage

Allows Easier Axle Adjustments

Saves $$$ Swingarm Replacement

Includes New Nut and Cotter Pin

Replaces OEM Axle Washer

Fits 78′-03′ XL, FXR, FXE, and Dyna (up to 02′) with Rectangular Swingarm and 3/4″ Axle

Tumbled Finish


*No Longer Includes OEM Axle Nut, changing price to reflect as much as stock runs out



*IF you are unsure of fit, just snag a quick picture of your swingarm where this would mount, email us at – and we’ll help verify.  Does NOT fit Round Tube Ironhead Swingarms.  Box Tube Swingarms using a 3/4″ Axle and tubing ~1.5″ Tall should all be a fit.  Ask if you aren’t sure.

Got a mangled up Swingarm on your 77-03′ Harley Davidson XL Sportster?  Or maybe on your FXR, Dyna (up to 02′) FXE or Bagger?   Well, if it’s ever had the axle nut over tightened then it probably does.

Our HHB  Swingarm Saver is just the answer to your problem, and can be a solution before the problem ever starts.

Instead of putting all the torque from the axle nut onto a very limited spaced and eventually crushing the OEM Washer and Damaging the swingarm tubing, our Swingarm Saver distributes that pressure to a much larger surface area, eliminating damage, allowing for more proper chain/belt adjustments (especially on swingarms that are already damaged) and helps to cover up years of abuse that the finish has taken in that location.

Designed to remove pressure from a small area, and placing it over a larger surface and onto the internal adjuster as well, this kit freshens up your setup without allowing any further damage to your swingarm.

Machined in the USA, they come in a satin vapor honed finish, but can easily be polished or painted to suit your build.  Includes a new axle nut and cotter pin for a proper install.


Install Instructions:

Remove rear axle cotter pin, axle nut, and washer.

If damaged, remove any large burs from the swingarm with a file, sandpaper, etc.

Lightly grease the backside of the HHB Swingarm Saver

Discard the OEM Washer, using the Swingarm Spacer instead.

You may need to remove the lower shock bolt, or loosen the axle adjusters to fully seat the Swingarm Saver into the swingarm slot

Install Axle Nut, adjust the belt/chain tension and make sure to center the wheel/tire according to the manual.

Torque Axle Nut to Spec (as per your manual) and install the cotter key provided.

DONE!  That probably only took a few minutes, so congratulate yourself and go grab a cold one (or warm, whatever your preference – no judgement here)

*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

HHB Harley Davidson Swingarm Saver