HHB Tested and Approved Laser Cut, Fully TIG Welded 1018 Steel Internally Threaded Front Mount All Hardware Provided – no more rusty OEM hardware Complete Set of Front and Rear Mounts 



Designed and Manufactured in House from 1018 Steel, these new XS650 Motor Mounts are by a nice touch to any XS650.  More Rigid than OEM, and providing a more responsive chassis, you can’t go wrong. Front Motor Mount is fully TIG welded, and tapped for the supplied Metric Hardware (thats right, because Standard hardware doesn’t have a home here folks, metric only!) – No more rusty and clunky super long hardware from 1974 (and up) – this front motor mount is ready to bolt right on. Rear Motor Mount compliments the front motor mounts clean design, laser cut and welded from 1018 Steel, and includes all the needed hardware for a full install. The Complete XS650 Motor Mount Kit cleans up your build, while making the chassis much more responsive.  Plus, it’s all built right here in North Carolina, so you know you are getting the best.


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

HHB XS650 Motor Mount Kit (74-Up)