Looking for a 277 Degree Ignition for your Rephased XS650 Build?

This is the ticket! Original Pamco systems worked a charm, Pamcopete even visited my shop a few times to test his systems.  Pamcopete made the very first Rephased Pamco Ignition for my personal build over a decade ago.  Hugh’s HandBuilt has a LONG history of working with other companies to create or improve products for our beloved machines.

Unfortunately, Pamco no longer exists, and while a few Chinese Copies are on the market, they just aren’t the same.

Rest Easy Knowing that Pandemonium Customs has stepped up the quality, simplified the install and instructions, and offers amazing tech support (as he does with all of his products) for your Rephased XS650.

Each unit is assembled by hand one at a time by Daniel Donley at his shop in Ohio.

This kit works in conjunction with the factory advance rod and mechanical advance.

This kit ONLY works on 277 RE-Phased XS650 Engines


277 Electronic ignition Kit

  • Electronic Ignition Plate & Rotor
  • High Output Ultima Coil
  • NGK Spark Plug Caps (2)
  • Spark Plug wire with coil Terminals Attached (2)
  • NGK Plugs (2)
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware

Pandemonium 277 XS650 Re-phased Electronic Ignition Kit