Starter Delete Plug

Press Fit, no leaks

Cost Effective

No need for OEM Oil Seal

Shaves Weight and Simplifies your Buil



It doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Remove that OEM Starter on your Kick Only Machine, save a few lbs (increase that power:weight ratio!)

Simply remove the starter and associated gears, remove the OEM Starter seal, lube the edge of the starter plug and drive it in (use a big socket, a wooden dowel, etc..)

We’ve been using this trick for years!

Check this link for the “tech” article – its not much, because it’s that simple..

Using a smaller battery (or capacitor if using our PMA system), removing the associated wiring and relays, and the starter/gears you can save upwards of 8-10lbs on your XS650


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

Starter Delete Plug