Machined in House from 1018 Steel

Grease Fitting Included

Includes 1 Machined Pivot, 1 Pre-Notched Mounting Tube, and 1 Grease Fitting.

Everything else shown is for reference only.


Machined from 1018 Steel, these Rear Brake mounts are a perfect fit for your OEM Brake Lever and Pivot.

The Machined Shell includes a Grease fitting, to keep your rear brake operating smoothly.

None of the aftermarket Weld On Tail sections offer a brake mount, leaving it up to the owner or fab shop to come up with something that works.

Now you can use these to simplify your build, and keep it clean.

Install is simple, find where you want to locate your brake lever on your frame, trim the supplied section of pre-notched tubing to the height you desire, notch the opposite end to fit the frame (if needed), and weld it all up.


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

XS650 Brake Pivot Kit