Positive Retention Design Corrosion Free Stainless Materials Laser Cut for Exact Fit Works With OEM 17mm Head Bolts 30% Thicker than OEM Style Tabs Ends Loose Sprockets for good.



OEM Style Sprocket tabs?  Been there, done that, have the scars on the bolt heads and swingarm to prove it…   Bigger HP, Lighter Bikes and More Traction wreak havoc on the OEM’s sprocket hub as it lacks any for of Cush Drive and over time works things loose…  Sure, there are some spring in the clutch basket, but we’ve broken those too!   Avoid that kind of trouble. Newly designed specifically for the XS650, Our Positive Retension Locking Tabs for the rear sprocket are the solution for the problem – a problem you may not even know exists until you are dealing with it on the side of the road…   Even in our pictures, you can see where we’ve had this hardware come loose before and scar the bolt heads… By using a positive lock on 3 of the 6 bolts using the 12pt, and then punching over the edge of the opposite 3 – loose sprocket bolts are a thing of the past… Laser Cut from Stainless Steel for a corrosion free finish, and reusable as needed.  Fits all XS650, XS1, XS1b, TX650 and XS2 rear sprockets in 520 0r 530 chain thicknesses. Kit includes 3 Laser Cut Stainless Sprocket Locks Install: Remove and discard OEM Sprocket Tabs Install 3 of the 6 OEM Bolts to spec as per the manual. Index the bolts as needed to allow the 12pt end of the tab to slip over the bolt head while aligning the adjoining bolt holes. Install the remaining 3 Bolts into the remaining 3 locations to spec. Peen over one edge of the locking tab on the last 3 Bolts against a flat part of the bolt head.  (This is on the NON 12pt side of the tab) Ride off into glory…

*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

XS650 Sprocket Locks