Set of 4 Bushings and O-Rings

Machined from 6061 Aluminum

Stainless Hardware for Risers (Not Included in 1/2″ ID Applications)

A must have – get rid of that sloppy rubber

Brushed Aluminum Finish

Hugh’s HandBuilt Designed – Accept No Substitutes

*Now available in 1/2″ ID – for custom riser applications



Ok, these have been long awaited by many of you XS650 Builders and Riders.

So you got your bike built, and noticed way to much flex in the bushings on your newly built bike.  Be it a cafe racer, street tracker, restoration, chopper or bobber, no one wants to wait on the front wheel to turn while the bars are moving around like a chunk of rope attached to the trees.

You have probably already removed the stock 35 year old rotten bushings from your upper triple tree and replaced them with aftermarket rubber bushings from the “Popular Supplier Of Inferior XS650 Parts” right?   And within a year, those bushings were feeling like a wet sponge and falling apart right?   Yeah, I’ve been there and done that, as many of you have.

Now you can fix that slop with these newly developed Solid Riser Bushings. Machined  from solid 6061 Aluminum, these new solid bushing include rubber o-rings to help fight vibrations and provide a snug fit.  Also included is all new stainless hardware (minus the large washer, it is plated).

Might as well clean up that old cruddy hardware while you are at it, so I provide new washers, lock washers, jam nut, top tree bolts and cotter pins.   This is a complete kit, no need to hunt around for new hardware or reuse the old corroded stock stuff.     (These can be bored out for use with Harley Style Risers as well, no extra cost – just let us know when you checkout)

* Now Available IN STOCK for 1/2″ ID Applications – no hardware included (for custom 1/2″ Risers, Harley Style, etc..)


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days plus for delivery

XS650 / SR500 Solid Riser Bushings