Laser Cut Stainless for Exact Fit

Fits ALL XS650 Models

Replaces missing or damaged OEM Tabs

Maintains proper pre-load on pivot to enhance performance.

Installs in minutes!



Got a swingarm XS650 Build?  Cafe, Chop, Bob, Tracker or just a nice Restoration – the OEM Locktabs are usually beat all to snot or missing entirely…

Missing?  Thats bad…  You want that swingarm pre-load set just right, and without a locktab the bike may no handle as well as it could..

Our NEW Stainless Swingarm Lock Tabs are laser cut for exact fit on ALL XS650 models, including XS1, XS1B, XS2 and TX650

30% Thicker than OEM and corrosion resistant…  It’s a no brainer…


Remove Swingarm Pivot Nut

Discard OEM Lock Tab (if existing)

Install New Locktab (may need slight bend to slip over the dowel, model depending)

Set Pre-Load for swingarm as per the Manual.

Peen over one edge of the tab onto one flat edge of the OEM Nut.

Ride Off Into Glory!

*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

XS650 Swingarm Lock Tab