Laser Cut from 1018 Steel

Custom Fabricated Look

Clean Install – No Bolts

Guaranteed not to Break – No more broken mounts from Vibration



Q: “How did you mount your headlight on that bike”

A:  “This Simple Weld-On Mount Right Here”

Folks, this is one of those amazingly simple products, that will make your bike look like a pure custom – and for a fraction of the time/cost to make it yourself.  We used to make these by hand for all of our builds – and have been complimented many times over how clean the mount looks compared to bolt-on options out there.  We’ve even been asked “Who makes that lower tree?” before  – It’s that clean of a look for your front end folks.

And now it’s available to you.  The Hugh’s HandBuilt Weld-On Headlight Mount. 

  • Pre-Drilled 12mm Holes fit MOST Aftermarket Bottom Mount Headlights, or if needed you can drill it out.
  • 2 Different Mounting Holes, allow for a custom fit – Tuck in the headlight or bring it out a bit – it’s up to you
  • Hefty Laser 1018 Laser Cut Steel – Those XS650 vibes won’t be breaking this bad boy
  • Easy to Mount (Grind, Weld, Done)


*please note each unit can take up to 14 days for delivery

XS650 Weld-On Headlight Mount