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Located in Griffith NSW

DKG started simply with Dalvs just doing what he loves: building and working on cars and motorcycles in his garage. With the love and passion for this his thirst for knowledge grew, gaining knowledge where ever he could.


Not expecting it to be more than anything than just a hobby working on a small amount of vehicles and motorcycles, DKG started to grow as people saw the hard work and dedication that Dalvs puts into everything he works on. “Never settle for just ok, nothing but the highest quality”, “I’ll stay up until 2 in the morning if I have to in order to get it right, to get it to a standard that I’m happy with, my work ethic won’t let me do it any other way.”

Being in the industry for several years working on and building motorcycles he could see how hard it was to obtain parts when trying to build a custom built motorcycle in Australia. With this in mind he wanted to be able to supply the Australian bike building community with products from around the world without the high freight charge. Being in the industry following builders from around the world and building relationships with them this idea was able to come to life!

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