***Allow 30 days for delivery after frame has arrived at DKG***




This is the next step to getting your Panhead/Shovelhead frame hardtailed with cast axle plates.

With this option the tubes are cut along where the tranmission mounts are and a new rear tranmission mount is fabricated. This was you onbtain a seamless look. Your frame will look like it is a complete hardtailed frame instead of being able to tell a hardtail was fitted.

1" upper tubes and lower for Panhead frame

1" upper tubes and 1-1/8" lower for Shovelhead


If you would like your frame hardtailed go to 'Contact' section and send a msg after you purchase to organise it further and to obtain shipping address.


$1010 for hardtail/rear transmission mount

$200 to cut, align correctly, weld and smooth

Panhead / Shovelhead Seamless Hardtail With Cast Axle Plates Fitted At DKG